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Aside from event planning and design, we supply materials and props for events as well. You can rent any of the following event necessities from us:

Black Chiavari
Black Chiavari Price: $0.00
Black Ghost
Black Ghost Price: $0.00
Kriss Cross Gold
Kriss Cross Gold Price: $0.00
Cream Velvet Single
Cream Velvet Single Price: $0.00
Velvet Couch Cream
Velvet Couch Cream Price: $0.00
Velvet Couch Pink Blush
Velvet Couch Pink Blush Price: $0.00
Acrylic Chiavari
Acrylic Chiavari Price: $0.00
Gold Chiavari
Gold Chiavari Price: $0.00
O Back Gold
O Back Gold Price: $0.00

We have other event or party props as well. Tell us what you need and we’ll supply it. Call us at 769-572-5703 for inquires.


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